Become an Influencer and offer an exciting opportunity for Influencers and Content Creators of any size – big time, micro or somewhere in between –  it doesn’t matter, we’d love your expertise! Use your passion for cosmetics to generate revenue through your own social platforms, or utilize our platforms and traffic to promote content you produce.

There are TWO ways you can generate income as an Influencer with our team!

1. Use your Influence

The first is by linking to OUR content from your social platforms – Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and all the rest – to earn a commission (%) on every sale of product that you generate from your followers. Contact us today to get set up with your unique tracking links to start posting and earning!

2. Do you love making Makeup Tutorials, blogging and Makeup Videos?

Perfect! We are also looking for Influencers who can create original videos, blogs, quizzes and even memes on – where we talk makeup trends, share beauty secrets and more! You will make a commission (%) on every sale generated through your content.

A couple options for this:

      a. Create solo content, your videos, text, images and you manage the full article. We will review your submission prior to posting on the site, and only the highest quality content will appear on Most content that is submitted will be integrated with other influencers to create the option below. If we love what you do and want you to work with the rest of our crew, a member of our Social Influencer team will reach out to coordinate this effort!

      b. Our Social Influencer Coordinators will curate an article with your content and several other Influencers so that we can produce the most entertaining, and informative beauty content for our readers. For these collaborations, the pie is split across several parties so the commission is split as well. Purchasing makeup is not a “one size fits all” sort of thing, and that is why we believe that a collection of voices and diversity is important.

At WantThisBeauty and, our goal is to create a community built on trust as we share our passion for cosmetics through Makeup Tutorials, Reviews, Brand Profiles and other content.

Contact one of our Social Influencer Coordinators today to find out how you can get involved!